Lingerie, a Camel Burger, and the Moment of Inspiration


It appears that there was a small news blip about an election in the United States last week, so you could be forgiven for missing a couple of new articles I published ;)

This week, it gives me great pleasure to direct you to two pieces I published last week about seizing on moments of inspiration in business. I wanted to describe a few of the most formative experiences in my career that ultimately led me to start my latest venture, UserMuse.

The first, published in Fast Company last week, covers one of my earliest experiences doing user research in the field. Not only did I eat my first (and last) camel burger that day, I learned something counter-intuitive about market research that continues to define my career to this day.

Why Your Key Belief about Market Research is Wrong

The second, published last week on Elite Daily, covers one of my more recent experiences trying to understand market needs for a product. A series of conversations like the one I recount here with an accomplished woman in the lingerie and undergarment industry are what helped me complete the idea and really get serious about implementing my vision for UserMuse.

I Paid a Woman to Talk to Me about Underwear, and It Led to a New Business

As always, I love hearing reader feedback. Hit me up anytime with your thoughts or if you'd like to learn more about UserMuse --

Have a great week, and be safe out there...