It's Friday...Where's my Smart Like How post?




If you felt lost this morning without my regular Friday post, please accept my sincere apologies. I promise it was for the best of reasons, and I have some good news and bad news to share. 

Good news first for a change: I am pleased to be in the final stages of editing my first book, due out hopefully by late September. The book revisits in greater depth several of the topics we've covered in the blog this summer, with a little more room to explore. I am really excited to finally see the finish line and will keep you posted on developments on that front.

Now the bad news: I will be scaling back new posts to one a week (still on Tuesdays) so that I can devote more time to finishing the book. I hate not being able to put out new content twice a week, but it kept forcing me to keep pushing back the book release. Trade-offs stink sometimes, but I hope you enjoy the finished product when it comes out.

Thanks for the emails and tweets and most of all your continued reading!

Career-ly yours,